Police Department

Lake City Police Department
601 North 10th Street
Lake City, Minnesota 55041


Phone Numbers:

Daytime Office Number
(651) 345 - 3344

Emergency situations

Non Emergency outside of normal office hours/goes to dispatch: 
(651) 345 - 3391 




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About the Police Department:
The Lake City Police Department is a 24/7 service which is dedicated to its citizens and City.

All police officers are trained in First Aid and carry some of the latest emergency medical equipment in their squad cars.

Three marked squad cars are used to provide constant patrol and give service to the community. The Department is made up of 10 full-time officers, and 8 part-time officers, and 8 police reserve officers.

The Police Department has been active within the local school system since 1993 with D.A.R.E. , Counter-Act and more recently the “Correct Choices” program for students. Since 2003, a School Resource Officer has been jointly funded by the City and the ISD 813. He is a full-time police officer that spends his time between the high school and the elementary school.

Some additional programs which the police officers are involved with include National Night Out, Toward Zero Death Challenge and Drug Task Force. 


Changes to Golf Cart and ATV Ordinance:

The ATV/Golf Cart Ordinance has been changed to accommodate side by side or Class 2 ATV’s (with a permit) travels. The class 2 ATV’s (with a permit) will be allowed to travel in all the places that the Golf Carts have been previously able to drive. Both the ATV class 2 (with a permit) , and Golf Carts are NOT allowed on Hwy. 61 (Lakeshore Drive) nor Hwy. 63 (Lyon Avenue).  They are also restricted in the 100 blocks of North and South Washington, and the 200 block of S. Washington.  Class 1 ATV’s and Class 2 ATV’s (without permit) will not be allowed to drive in residential areas, and must follow the most direct route out of town from their residence.  Class 1 ATV’s are still allowed to assist with snow removal in residential areas.  As of January 1, 2019, riders may apply for a permit with the Lake City Police Department