Marina Board

The city owned and operated marina is the largest such facility on the upper Mississippi. There is space for 636 pleasure craft. Seasonal mobile homes are adjacent. The Marina Board consists of seven members whose primary duties are to oversee marina employment, make repairs to marina equipment and buildings, oversee the marinas insurance policies, and make recommendations the City Council on marina projects.  The Marina Board is advisory to the City Council. Agenda information is available in the City's electronic agenda management feature.  This Board is supported by the staff of the Lake City Marina.  The Marina Board meets the second Tuesday of every other month starting in February at the Lake City Marina Administration Building at 201 South Franklin Street.  

Board Members:

Mark Dieltz - Chairperson 
Ann Nibbe
Mary Nelson
Catherine Langer

Mary Jane Rasmussen 
Lee Kirchner
Jennifer Cobb
City Council Liaison - Faye Brown