Duties and Responsibilities


            (A)       Authorization, powers and duties.  The Planning Commission shall act as the Board of Appeals and Adjustment (“Board of Adjustment”) for the City and shall have the power to hear and decide requests in the following cases:

(1) Act upon all questions as they may arise in the administration of the City’s zoning regulations, including the interpretation of zoning maps;

(2) Hear and decide appeals from and review any order, requirement, decision or determination made by a City administrative official enforcing the City’s zoning regulations; and

(3) Grant variances to the provisions of the City’s zoning and subdivision regulations under certain conditions.  No use variances (uses different than those allowed in the zoning district) shall be issued by the Board of Adjustment.

            (B)       Procedure for appeals.  The procedure for appeals to the Board of Adjustment is set forth in Section 155.38 of the City Code.