Underwood Park
Hok-Si-La Park

City Parks and Recreational Opportunities
The Community of Lake City has a great variety of parks and recreational opportunities available for all users and interests.  The City’s trials and parks are listed below.  For more information, contact the City’s Planning and Community Development Department. 


Bike Routes
The City has two bike routes that have been designed to be both functional for transportation purposes, but also great for recreation and enjoying the City’s scenery.  They are connected to one other, but have slightly different character and user profiles. 

  • A large segment of the Terrace Route is a paved, multi-use trail, with connections using bike lanes and shared roadways.   This roughly follows the bluff terrace, and features wooded areas and open areas.  This route general follows North 10th Street and will take you to and from Underwood Park.
  • The Lakeside Route is the route that follows the Lake Pepin shoreline. This route is comprised of the Riverwalk, which is the recommended space for walking and can be used by children on bikes, and is located just off of Lakeshore Drive. Bicycles are encouraged to use the same route, as it follows Highway 61/Lakeshore Drive from Hok-Si-La Park at the most northerly portion of Lake City, to Sportsman’s Park to the south.   The route will diverge off of Lakeshore Drive through the downtown area to allow you pass by the Lake City Marina and other amenities and attraction


Parks and Open Spaces
Pier and Concourse.  The government pier is consistently considered one of the best best places to enjoy great views of the Lake City Marina, Lake Pepin, and the Wisconsin shoreline.   The Lake City Concourse is adjacent and was originally used as a rest area and scenic overlook for Highway 61 travelers.  Now the river walk wraps around the perimeter, and you can park here to access the pier as well as a lake access. 

Patton Park - A quintessential town square located next to downtown.  The park is bordered by civic buildings including City Hall, the Public Library, and the Post Office.  The Police, Ambulance, and Fire Stations are nearby. 

McCahill Play Park – Located near downtown between the Lake City Marina and South Lakeshore Drive.  The River walk will take you right to this park, and it is near the Lake City Pier and Concourse.  The park features playground equipment, restrooms, shade, picnic tables, and Marina views. 

McCahill Ball Fields - Lighted softball fields, temporary rest room facilities, playground equipment, and a skateboarding area.  This park is an entire city block located in the 500 block of north Prairie Street and north 6th street (5 blocks north of Lyon Avenue)

Roschen Park – This is one of Lake City’s parks which provides boaters access to Lake Pepin with a public landing and parking area.  A covered picnic area, restrooms, and a fish cleaning station are available here.   

Hok-Si-La Park – Lake City’s crown jewel of the park system.  Visit hoksilapark.org for more information   

Ohuta Park – A favorite park amongst visitors and locals a like.  Spectacular views of Lake Pepin, and located right outside of downtown Lake City, and right next to the Lake City Marina. 

Peters Play Park – A park developed as part of the Peter’s subdivisions, the park serves the residents of the area, but is also open to the public. 

Hoyt Park - Near the industrial section of town, but also close to some of the City’s higher density residential development, this park serves the residents of this area, but is also open to the public.

Marina Point Park – This Park is located at the tip of Marina Point, a city-owned seasonal trailer park operated as part of the Marina.  The point offers over 180 degree views of Lake Pepin and the surrounding bluffs.  Watch sails boats, and larger recreational boats leave and enter the Marina.   You almost feel like you are on your own private island. 

Underwood Park – The City’s newest, and second largest park right behind Hok-Si-La, was opened the summer of 2009.  This park was donated to the City by the Jewel as part of their park land dedication requirements.  The park obtained its name from Anna and Joseph Underwood, who were the owners of the Jewel Nursery, which was located on the site now known as the Residences at the Jewel and the Jewel Golf Course.    

Independent School District (ISD) #813 Parks
Bluff View Elementary School Fields (soccer, playground equipment)
Tennis Courts, Football Field, Practice Field, Track