Flood Protection

Lake City’s flood prone areas are generally located along its three tributary streams and Lake Pepin. Tributary streams can be more volatile and susceptible to drastic and quickly rising water, or flash flooding. Lake Pepin water levels typically rise at a slow and steady rate, although a heavy rain or fast snow melt can cause flash flooding.  The City of Lake City has taken several measures to protect people and property from flood damage, including the following:

National Flood Insurance Program
The City participates in the NFIP (national flood insurance program).  As a participant in this program, all residents are provided with access to discounted flood insurance.  Those properties located in areas susceptible to flooding are required to have flood insurance. 

City Floodplain Ordinance
The City has adopted a floodplain management ordinance, which restricts development in floodways.  Development in other areas, such as the flood fringe area may be allowed when certain criteria are met, such as elevating the structure and flood proofing the structure.  The properties mush have an elevation certificate and any flood proofing techniques must be approved by a professional engineer.  The City requires a conditional use permit for most development activity in these areas.  The floodplain management ordnance is part of the City's Land Use Title of the City Code, Chapter 151.

Flood Mapping                                                                                                                         FIRM’s, or Flood Insurance Rate Maps, are the maps adopted by the City to designate floodplain areas.

City Emergency Management
In the case of flooding or flash flooding, the City’s Emergency Management Department coordinates efforts to evacuate, sandbag, and protect property from loss to any extent possible.