Waterfront and Downtown Vision Master Plan

Sailing toward the best Lake City on the Mississippi…for fun, beauty and prosperity

With the biggest marina, on the biggest and most beautiful lake, on America’s biggest river, your imagination will help create the plan to make Lake City prosper. All creative ideas are welcome!


Guiding Goals

  1. Strengthen tourism, business and manufacturing base
  2. Retain and attract young adults
  3. Grow Lake City’s population
  4. Capitalize on the beauty of Lake Pepin
  5. Coordinate and promote branding for four season activity
  6. Solidify community events
  7. Increase wheeled/pedestrian traffic into downtown
  8. Strengthen community links and connections
  9. Amplify the small town, friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  10. Visualize creative new ideas
  11. Reveal what Lake City could be