Fence Ordinance Summary - Residential Property


1)      Fences may be placed up to (not on) property lines. It is the owner’s responsibility to verify the location of the property lines.

2)      If agreed to, in writing from both property owners, the fence can be placed on the boundary line of the respective properties.

3)      It is suggested to have a surveyor locate property lines before installing fences. The city does not have surveyors on staff to perform this service.

4)      The owner of the fence must be able to maintain both sides of the fence, and also mow and maintain weeds on both sides of the fence.

5)      The maximum height is 6 feet.  

6)      Privacy fencing in the front yard is prohibited.  Any fencing placed within the front yard, including corner properties with two “fronts” cannot exceed a height of 3 ½ feet an must be at least 50% open. 

7)      No fence shall be constructed in a manner that would block the view of vehicular traffic or restrict snow plowing or maintenance of streets.

8)      The side of the fence considered to be the face (the finished side) shall face adjoining property.

9)      All fences shall be properly maintained with respect to appearance and safety.

10)   Swimming pools must be protected by a fence at least 5 feet high, with a self-closing, self-latching lockable gate, built so that a 4-inch sphere cannot pass through.

11)   Electrical and barbed wire fences are not allowed

12)   If rental property, property owner consent is required to install or alter a fence

13)   A certificate is zoning compliance is required for all fence installations or alterations of existing fencing.