Duties and Responsibilities


(A)       Establishment and membership.  An Environmental Commission is hereby established.  It shall be composed of seven members. The purpose of the Environmental Commission is to promote the stewardship and preservation of the City’s environment and natural resources, by seeking out emerging issues and developing sound long-term policies regarding these issues and by increasing government, citizen, and stakeholder awareness about these issues.  With respect to development in the City, the goal of the Environmental Commission is not to impede it, but rather to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible development.

(B)       Student membership.  In addition to the seven members, up to two high school students may serve on the Environmental Commission as voting members.  Student members must reside within the City and must be at least 15 years old. Student members will serve one-year terms and may be reappointed for one additional one-year term.  In no event shall a student member serve more than two consecutive one-year terms. The appointment of student members will otherwise be in accordance with Section 30.01(C) of this Chapter.

(C)       Powers, duties, and responsibilities.  The Environmental Commission shall serve in an advisory role to the City Council on all matters relating to the stewardship and preservation of the City’s environment and natural resources.  The Environmental Commission shall be responsible for:

(1)        Studying the City’s water, air, waste, noise, landscape, and environmental appearance and making appropriate recommendations to the City Council and City staff;

(2)        Creating and presenting to the City Council an annual report and work plan in furtherance of the Commission’s environmental goals and responsibilities.  The Commission should solicit input from the City Council, other boards and commissions and City staff in its creation of its work plan;

(3)        Creating and maintaining a current index of open space and parks (“Open Space Index”), including all land within the City and parks and open space that are adjacent to the City’s borders. The Commission shall update the Open Space Index as needed, but at least once every three years;

(4)        Participating in regional environmental associations and collaborating with other local environmental stakeholders; and

(5)        Engaging with members of the community through educational events, service clubs, and the City’s website.