Election Information


The filing period for people interested in running for City Council or Mayor is May 21, 2024 until June 4 at 5:00 pm.

All Candidates

*must be eligible to vote in Minnesota

*must have not filed for another office at the upcoming primary or general election

*must be 21 years of age or more upon assuming office

*must have maintained residence in their Lake City for at least 30 days before the election

All terms are 4 years.

Paperwork will be available on May 21, 2024- June 4, 2024 at City Hall.   The fee is $2.00.



Before you can vote, you must register.  In Minnesota, you may register 20 days before election day or on election day at your polling place. Your registration remains current until you move, change your name, or do not vote for four consecutive years.  You may update your registration information by completing another Voter Registration Application.

You may register to vote on the Mn Secretary of State website here: https://mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us/VoterRegistration/VoterRegistrationMain.aspx

You can also verify that you are registered.  Use the Am I Registered to Vote feature on the the Minnesota Secretary of State website to check to see if your registration is still valid and up to date.



The City of Lake City is located in two counties, Wabasha County and Goodhue County. Due to this fact, the Goodhue County portion of Lake City votes in a separate precinct, Precinct IV. The remainder of the City is separated into three other precincts, residents of which vote in either Precincts I, II, or III. To find your voting precinct, you can download the precinct map below, consult the Minnesota Secretary of State Precinct Finder, or contact the the office of the City Clerk at 651-345-6812.


You can request an absentee ballot directly from the State of Minnesota: https://mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us/ABRegistration/ABRegistrationStep1.aspx


You are eligible to vote if you:
  • will be at least 18-years-old on Election Day 
  • are a citizen of the United States
  • will have resided in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding Election Day
  • have any felony conviction record discharged, expired, or completed
  • are not under court-ordered guardianship where a court has revoked your voting rights
  • have not been ruled legally incompetent by a court of law



Per M.S. 211A.02, Subd. 6, campaign finance reports for local candidates will be made available on this website for four years after they have been filed with the City Clerk's office.