Apply to be a Firefighter

The Lake City Fire Dept is now seeking applicants for openings of paid on call firefighters.  Applications must be submitted no later than April 26, 2024.





Average number of Fire Calls per year        100+

Length of time per call (average)                 1 hour

Practices – 2 per month, 2 hours each        4 hrs per month

Meetings – 1 per month                               2 hours


Probationary Firefighters will be expected to take FIREFIGHTER I & II and Hazmatt Operations.   Approximately 160 hours.


2 practices per month (2 hours each) and 1 meeting per month (2 hours)

Practices and meetings are mandatory (unless excused)


The Department is divided into 3 crews.  One crew of 7 individuals is on call for one week at a time per S.O.P. manual.


Lake City is an all call department. If in town and able, you are expected to respond, regardless if you are on call or not. 


Must make at least 50% of fire calls for the year (per S.O.P’s)


PAY:          $25.00 for practices

                   $ 25.00 for meetings

                   $75.00 for being on call

                   $ 12.00 per hour while on a fire call



Total hours spent:          Fire Calls           100 hrs

                                      Meetings               24 hrs

                                      Practices               44 hrs


TOTAL               168 hrs per year (minimum)