Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ambulance Service accept insurance payments?

The ambulance service does accept insurance payments to be applied to your bill. The amount of the ambulance transport covered by insurance varies by company. Some insurance companies will pay the total transport while some may only cover a small portion of the transport.


I was transported three months ago by the ambulance. Why haven't I received a bill from the ambulance service?

The ambulance crew  will ask for insurance information at the time of transport. We will attempt to bill any insurance companies that the patient is covered under before sending out a bill to the patient. We may send out a billing statement asking for insurance information if none was provided at the time of transport. After the insurance companies have paid their portion of the bill, then we will bill the patient for the remaining balance (if applicable.)


Why do the Paramedics and EMT's ask for my personal information?

The crew will ask for essential personal and insurance information for billing practices. This information may include date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, and insurance company information. The crew is legally obligated to protect this information, and will not give this information out to anyone other than the billing company for billing purposes only. 


Why did an ambulance from another town come to my house when I called 911? 

Lake City Ambulance service has three ambulances capable of transport. Sometimes, if the service is on another 911, transfer, or on multiple 911's and transfers, the Wabasha County Dispatch Center may send an ambulance from another town to provide assistance. The City of Lake City has mutual aid agreements with the surrounding communities to help provide assistance when the 911 and transport system in Lake City is overwhelmed. Lake City Ambulance also provides the same support to their communities when their systems are overwhelmed. 


What can I do to prepare ahead of time for an emergency?

The best way to prepare for an emergency is to have important medical information accessible to yourself, family members, or LCPD and LCEMS. We will ask you for your current health history, medications, allergies, and surgical history. Also, First Responders will look on the refrigerator or in the freezer door for File of Life packets in the event that you are unable to give us information due to the nature of your emergency. If you would like to pick up a File of Life packet for free, please feel free to stop by the ambulance service. We will go over what needs to be filled out and where you should place the packet. 


Does the service offer wellness checks?

The service offers wellness checks to anyone in the community that would like to be evaluated. Please call 651-345-3030 to set up a time for the Paramedics and EMT's to stop by your home for an evaluation. We can come weekly or bi-weekly to your home and check your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and oxygen levels. This is a free service we provide to the community, and anyone is welcome to sign up.