Duties and Responsibilities

§ 30.03            LIBRARY BOARD.

(A)       Establishment and membership.  A Library Board is hereby established.  It shall be composed of seven members.

(B)       Powers, duties and responsibilities.  The Library Board shall have the general charge of the repair, maintenance and operation of the Lake City Library.  This shall include the following duties and responsibilities:

(1)        Recommend to the City Council the services the Library is to provide and the manner in which the services are to be provided, including, but not limited to, entering into agreements related to the leasing of Library rooms and the loaning of Library materials;

(2)        Recommend to the City Council general policies, rules and regulations concerning the Library, including, but not limited to the use of the Library, which shall be free to the inhabitants of the City;

(3)        Provide assistance to the City Council with short and long-range plans for the Library;

(4)        Review and recommend an annual budget for the Library to the City Council;

(5)        Implement directives of the City Council relating to the Library;

 (6)        Assist or provide input at the request of the City Council regarding the hiring of Library personnel in accordance with the City’s Administrative Staff Hiring Policy; and

(7)        Assist the City Council with the supervision, care, and custody of the Library.

(C)       Tax levy.  The City Council may annually levy a tax upon all the taxable property in the City not exceeding statutory limitations.  The tax is to be levied and collected in like manner, with other general taxes of the City and to be known as the “Library Fund.”  Amounts collected shall be credited to the Library Fund.  The Library Board shall review and provide recommendation to the City Council as to all expenditure requests from the Library Fund.